The project

Drone Solutions, a professional service provider based in Greece, performed a powerline corridor survey of 20 km of infrastructure for the local electric utility. Dielmo3D, a leading Lidar processing company based in Spain, processed the data with proprietary algorithms.


The LiDAR survey of the area was performed to create a model of the vegetation. Trees were segmented and modeled, along with all other potential sources of interference with the infrastructure.


The point cloud classification and the implementation of predictive algorithms for the growth of the trees allowed for the output of comprehensive safety analysis of the network, customized according to the safe distances thresholds provided by the client.

The Scanfly advantages

The process validated the effectiveness of using UAV with Lidar technologies to monitor over time the interferences of vegetation with powerlines. Scanfly Lite has proven to be able to provide accurate data for this activity in large and difficult access areas. In morphologically more complex situations, for the survey of high voltage power lines, Scanfly Ultra is the recommended solution, thanks to the greater range and resolution.