The project

Tecno Proget srl used Scanfly XT to investigate the cliff faces above the small town of Provaglio d'Iseo, in the Franciacorta region of Italy. The cliffs threatened the properties underneath and the corridors of the highway and the local railway.


The LiDAR survey of the area was performed to generate the DTM of the area, analyzing also the position of the rocks that could trigger an event and the position of the trees standing on the area.


The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generated from the LiDAR point clouds allowed for the design of the rockfall barriers in the most effective position, depending on the amount of material affected by the phenomenon and the position of the existing trees.

The Scanfly advantages

The accuracy and the combined effect of the 32 laser channels of the Scanfly XT confirmed their reliability when the task is about detecting and modeling features at the ground level, underneath layers of vegetation. The UAV installation is quick and easy and provides significant advantages to the surveyor in terms of the time needed to complete the analysis.