The project

ND Aerial Service, a mapping company specilized in airborne surveys, choose Scanfly XT to collect accurate topographic details of a valley in the North of Italy, where their final customer intended to position a tunnel portal.


The LiDAR surveys are performed with the intent of generating the 3D model of an area of about 75 hectares of the valley. In particular, the scope of the survey was to model a slope featuring vertical granite wall about 70 m tall, and the valley floor. The requested accuracy was below 5 cm.


The point cloud generated from the Scanfly acquisition using SmartProcessing Lidar was checked against the Ground Control Points measured in the area of interest, confirming the accuracy specifications of the device. The dual return and the 32 LiDAR channels allowed to create the dense DTM and the orthofoto of the area requested as deliverables by the final customer.

The Scanfly advantages

The deliverables extracted from the point clouds generated with Scanfly matched the accuracy specifications requested by the customer.