What can you do with Scanfly?

Discover the many fields of application where Scanfly has proven to be a valuable tool

Industrial area

Survey of an industrial area performed with Scanfly XT & backpack. Average speed 3km/h. Average distance of the target 20 m.3D Model

River basin

Survey of the basin of a river flowing in an urban area. Performed with Scanfly Lite on DJI M600, 5 m/s, 60 m AGL. RGB data added with the Sony A6000 kit.3D ModelCase Study

Industrial archaeology

Industrial archeology site surveyed with Scanfly Lite. Average speed 5 m/s. 50 m AGL.3D Model

Private villa park

Survey of the park around a private mansion. Scanfly Lite on an octocopter, 4 m/s, 40 m AGL, dual return.3D Model

Road junction

Road junction surveyed with Scanfly XT on a land vehicle. 65 km/h speed, dual return.3D Model


Survey of a railroad. Scanfly HD installed on the locomotor, 40 km/h, dual return, real-time solution without RINEX correction.3D ModelWatch video