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Dedicated car mounting kit for Scanfly and the panoramic camera.


Car mounting kit

Deploy Scanfly in any car to start surveying in less than a minute.

Switchable between the car mounting kits and the backpack strut


Car battery pack

Battery pack: this case allows for a vehicle-independent power supply.

Scanfly 60.5 MP panoramic camera integration kit.


Wheel speed sensor

Wheel speed sensor with magnetic mounting adapters.


Scanfly DUO

The dual lidar solution for 3D Lidar scanning. Perfect for Mobile Mapping applications. Recommended speed up to 100 Km/h.

The entry-level, cost-effective lightweight solution for 3D Lidar scanning. Perfect for UAV mount. Recommended AGL up to 85 m.

The ultimate mapping machine. Triple return and up to 300 m range in the most accurate Scanfly evolution. Recommended AGL up to 180 m


Scanfly XT

Increase the longitudinal resolution at higher speed. A perfect fit for land vehicle installation. Recommended AGL up to 85 m.

Advanced mobile mapping data analysis tool.

The software to produce your point clouds with just a few clicks.