24 MP camera kit

3DT-SF-CAMS24-12, 3DT-SF-CAMS24-16 

Add RGB data to your point clouds with the compact and lightweight 24 MP camera kit.

The kit is available with two different lenses: a 12 mm with a field of view of 89° matching the optimal Lidar swath with a 1.63 cm GSD at 50 m AGL; or a 16 mm pancake, even lighter and increasing the GSD at 1.22 cm at 50 m AGL.

The camera is calibrated and directly synchronized by Scanfly.

Images can also be used for documentation or processed in third-party photogrammetry tools using the accuracy of the PPK position of Scanfly.

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In the box

  • ADTi Surveyor 24 S with:
    • Samyang 12mm f/2.0 lens (89° FOV)
    • Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens (73° FOV)
  • Camera mounting kit for Scanfly

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