360° car mounting kit


Easy to use has always been the Scanfly motto. This new car mounting kit has been completely redesigned under this philosophy and allows deploying the Scanfly in combination with the panoramic camera kit in a quick and efficient way. Fixing the plate to the car roof requires less than a minute with the 3 vacuum cup mounts. The devices are installed and removed with quick-release mechanisms and simple wing nuts.

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In the box

The car mount with 360° camera is stowed in a convenient hard carry case. The tilted mount features a quick release plate and allows installing Scanfly at 45° or 60° degree tilt. The suction cups can be easily fixed to the vehicle roof and are rated for a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The panoramic camera kit is quickly installed on the base using wing nuts. Requires the Car battery pack.

  • Rigid car mounting platform
  • Scanfly tilted mount
  • Three vacuum cup mounts
  • Panoramic camera base

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