Car battery pack


The car battery pack includes all that you need to safely provide the power supply to Scanfly when using it on a land vehicle. Two Li-Ion batteries ensure 3.5 hours of continous use, and two more can be added to double up the autonomy. The user can hot-swap the batteries without any harm to the operations.

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In the box

The case includes two detachable Li-Ion batteries independent from the vehicle's electrical system. The interfaces available include dedicated connectors to the panoramic camera system, the wheel speed sensor and external triggers ready for the integration of additional sensors.

  • 2x 98 Wh Li-Ion batteries
  • Fast battery charger
  • 4 m Scanfly connection cable
  • 5 m panoramic camera power cable

Battery pack extra kit available:

  • 2x 98 Wh Li-Ion batteries
  • Dual bay battery charger
  • Power supply adapter

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