Panoramic camera kit


The panoramic camera kit features all that you need for to integrate and synchronize the NCTech iSTAR Pulsar+ with Scanfly. With its impressive 60.5 MP 360° output, the iSTAR Pulsar+ is the perfect choice to colorize the point clouds. The very high resolution also resolves huge levels of detail in every captured image, enabling feature interrogation and object detection applications with the optional SmartProcessing software.

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In the box

The iStar Pulsar+ camera kit includes all that you need to add full 360° spherical pictures.The kit is compatible with the Backpack and the Car 360° mounting kit.
  • NCTech iStar Pulsar+ 11K (60.5 mpixel) panoramic camera
  • Camera holder
  • 485 mm carbon fiber rod
  • Power cables (for the backpack and the car mounting kit)

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