SmartProcessing Lidar

Your point clouds are just a few clicks away.

Key benefits

  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Efficient direct geo-referencing engine
  • Quality check in intuitive diagrams
  • Custom lines selection
  • 2D Map and 3D preview
  • Full support to geographic reference systems


A keystone of the easy-to use philosophy of Scanfly, SmartProcessing Lidar features the 3D Target’s proprietary direct geo-referencing engine to empower the extraction of accurate point clouds from the best estimate of the trajectory and the syncronized Lidar data.

From the definition of the lines to be extracted to the export settings, the procedure requires just a few clicks, Quality check diagrams, 2D map overlays and a full 3D window help the user in the process.

Intuitive tools are available to calibrate the boresight parameters of the sensors, filter, optimize and colourize the pointclouds.



SmartProcessing Lidar is designed to run under Windows 10.

A license is normally bundle with Scanfly, with additional licenses available on request.

Licensing model supports node-locked and detachable network seats.

We provide a Core module and additional plug-ins.

SmartProcessing Lidar Core

  • Automatic import of raw Scanfly data
  • Custom line selection
  • Custom export settings
  • 2D Viewer: maps and accuracy diagrams
  • 3D Viewer: point clouds and image overlays
  • Point cloud export in industry standard formats
  • Add RGB data to the point clouds
  • Direct export for 3rd party softwares
  • Full geographic reference frames support
  • Custom geoids

Boresight calibration tools

  • Support for the LiDAR instrinsic parameters
  • LiDAR boresight calibration
  • RGB imagers boresight calibration
  • Easily store and retrieve parameters

Full 360° panoramic camera support

  • Full support to high resolution panoramic imagers
  • Masks editor to remove vehicle parts in sight
  • Coloured point cloud

GCP & Strip Alignment tool

  • Line by line adjustment with strip alignment algorhithms
  • Increase the global accuracy using Ground Control Points. 


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