SCANFLY V3 integrates TrimbleApplanix UAV GNSS

3D TARGET has released the third generation of their Scanfly mobile mapping systems, the Scanfly v3. The new systems are designed to be even more compact, lightweight, and easy to use than their predecessors. They incorporate Trimble Applanix’s GNSS-aided inertial technology to provide reliable data in even the most challenging environments.
The Scanfly EVO is the entry-level mobile mapping solution from 3DT. It uses the Trimble Applanix APX-15L to provide accurate position and orientation data. This allows the system to create a digital twin of the environment in the form of a 3D point cloud. The Scanfly EVO is multi-platform and easy to use, and it features a completely redesigned housing that is tool-less and cable-free.
The Scanfly PRO is the 3DT’s high-performance mobile mapping solution. It uses the Trimble Applanix AP+ series of inertial navigation solutions to provide accurate data in even the most challenging GNSS conditions. The Scanfly PRO is still very compact and can be used on a variety of platforms.
Scanfly v3 can be ordered immediately, with the first shipment scheduled for the end of 2023.
In a collaboration between 3DT and Trimble Applanix, Mauro Contrafatto, Product Manager at 3D Target, states that the Scanfly v3 systems are the result of a complete redesign of the way mobile mapping is conceived, based on the feedback from their valued customers, resellers, and stakeholders worldwide. Trimble Applanix provides the instruments to bring this vision to market.
Additionally, Jesús Ruiz, Business Development Manager of Airborne Products at Trimble, expresses their excitement to be a part of this project, highlighting the Scanfly series’ combination of flexibility, accuracy, and robustness by using the Trimble Applanix APX and AP+ GNSS-aided inertial board sets, together with the Trimble Applanix POSPac UAV and PP-RTX.

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