The 3D Target Team is pleased to announce that SmartProcessing Lidar 2.1.1 is out, for the full compatibility with the new Scanfly DUO!

This version also introduces a SLAM processing method, in a beta version reserved to those who enrolled our early adopter program, to improve the accuracy in GNSS diminished environments and indoor. Furthermore, an optional image blurring tool is available to automatically mask license plates and faces and make the workflow compliant with the privacy regulations.
Last but not least, SmartProcessing Lidar is now capable of applying the strip alignment and the ground control points features to datasets from the DJI Zenmuse L1.

With SmartProcessing Lidar 2.1, your point clouds will always be at their best!

Main Topics:

    • Scanfly DUO: map with a dual lidar mobile mapping system.
    • SLAM tool: increase the accuracy where it is needed.
    • Blurring tool: comply with privacy regulations.
    • DJI Zenmuse L1 compatibility: full support to strip alignment and GCP
  • Please have a look at the Release Note with key fixes and new features! ASK US TO LEARN MORE

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