LiDAR calibration

Lidar Boresight

The calibration of the LiDAR is part of our calibration process. We calibrate every single unit with the intrinsic (range and angles of the LiDAR head) and extrinsic parameters (boresight angles and position). We run different calibration procedures (by drone, car and backpack) for every unit produced.

Camera calibration

Cam Boresight

Purchasing a camera for your Scanfly means you have also a calibration for it! We calibrate every single camera in our facility for the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, ensuring a pixel-perfect alignment between the images and the point clouds.

Calibration Services

3D TARGET offers a service of calibration that includes a Certificate of Calibration and a General Maintenance service with Firmware updates: we recommend the calibrating your payload periodically (once every 1-2 years). We provide a Certificate of Calibration with every Scanfly.