Scanfly PRO


Introducing the Scanfly PRO, the 3DT‘s compact high-performance mapper. Engineered for excellence, this multi-platform LiDAR solution performs with no compromises even in the most challenging GNSS conditions, from tunnels to dense urban canyons. When unprecedented accuracy meets the unmatched versatility.
Redefine mapping: anytime, anywhere with Scanfly PRO!

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The payload lidar not only for UAS

Technical details

Lidar HeadHesai PandarXT-32M2X
Weight1.40 kg
Dimensions181 x 133 x 142 cm
Ingress ProtectionIP 55 (CE)
Scan RateUp to 1 920 000 pts/sec
Rangeup to 300 m
Point Cloud Accuracy2 cm
Precision2 cm
StorageExternal USB 3.2 Flash Drive
ConnectionEthernet, Wi-Fi
SoftwareScanfly Web App, SmartProcessing Lidar, SmartSurvey

Product dimensions

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